Snow Much Fun CD help

 If you are having any problems loading the Snow Much Fun CD, just follow our guide below.

- Click on the Start button in the left-hand corner of your desktop.

- Click on My Computer. There should be a heading that says ‘Devices with Removable Storage’, where you will see the words Snow Much Fun.

- Right-click on this and click open. This should take you to a new folder, where you will be able to see all the files on the disc.

- Right-click on the Snow Much Fun blue icon and click Open. You will then be able to open and install the disc as normal.   

We’ve also set up a troubleshooting page, for anyone who continues to experience problems. You can find this here:


Well this is so good that you

2nd December 2013

Well this is so good that you have mentioned proper procedure for showcasing these facts and tips on the usage of the disc.

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nice post

28th November 2013
Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts. 


Proper guidance is required

5th September 2013

Proper guidance is required at the time of installation of a CD.  Wrong installation of a CD may cause error which is a difficult task to solve the problem.  The steps given in this blog for Installation CD will really help a lot for beginners. Thanks.

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Love Snow Much Fun

24th October 2011

Just wanted to thank you for the Snow Much Fun CD. I didn't have any problems with mine, just clicked on this page out of curiosity.  I love the fun images and the cards I've made from this CD are some of my favourites I've made so far for this Christmas.  

I hope everyone with problems manages to get their CD working.  Even if the free CD is not your thing, you've still got a great magazine to inspire you.

snow much fun Cd !!!

23rd October 2011

Hi Quick cards, have to tell you that i have not had the problem at all from the very start of using it, and have printed off loads of things and already made 10 cards from this Cd for my sons christmas cards for his class of 30!!! 20 more to go but i love it so much as i can have as many different designs as i like or can make same of a few, what i have done so far is to make 5 boys colours and 5 girl colours e.g. the reds and pinks are great and also the lovely shades of blue and greens love them all. i will try uploading some that i have made, i have added glitter and 3d liquid to make it glossy and embossed, and for the girls glitter card and glitter glue, or even embossing ooo so many choices, Thanks anyway. Debbie

Snow much Fun CD

14th October 2011


I too had a problem and thought it was my laptop. I have only just found this page and feel even more fed up now as I actually snapped the CD in half and binned it, cursing my head off !!! Oh well !  ...That will teach me to lose my temper won't  it ?! LOL x

Snow Much Fun CD

16th September 2011

Thanks to everyone for their feedback. I am very sorry to hear that some of you are disappointed with the CD.

We use a standard way of counting the printable elements on the CD – which all other craft CDs I am aware of do as well – counting each decoupage image and each printable design in each colour way – which comes to over 430.

I always a think a CD is good value for money as it offers lots of different designs – papers/toppers/greetings etc – that can be used as many times as you like – something which we thought would be of benefit to a crafter in these times.

If you do have any more problems please contact me directly on and I will try and help as best I can.

Many thanks,

Sarah Bostock


Quick Cards


Snow much fun - definitely not

12th September 2011

Hi I too am very disappointed with the disc, lots of problems trying to load it, when I finally got it working I tried to find the 400 printable images, unless I am missing something I certainly couldn't see them. A lot of money for nothing - pretty bad considering we are in a recession and everyone is cutting back.


9th September 2011

Sorry you guys, bit disappointed, I've only just tonight, found this page to open the  Snow much Fun CD-ROM. I love Mararet Sherry's art work and was sooo pleased to grab the last Quick Cards off the shelf a while back. Got it home...wouldn't open I blamed my laptop, as I know it is short of memory, (it has add on hard-drives to help it!) After clearing loads off to make more space, it still wouldn't load, memory wasn't the problem, gave up, forgot all about it, til now, came here and found this page to download the extra gadget to open the CD. It now works fine...only where are the 400 printable elements?  If I count everything,there's not 400,  ifI add the fact that you can print them in 32 different ways..well, that goes waaay over 400....

And after googling it, I now know what a Ofaku hagaki is!

Happy Crafting!

snow much fun cd-rom

6th September 2011

After finally getting the CD Rom open, via the advice only available on your website, I had already wasted a lot of time...imagine my disappointment then not to be able to design my own cards using the Margaret Sherry characters!

I haven't counted but I too fail to see where the 400 printable elements come in.

I feel I've been grossly overcharged & definitely don't want to be duped like this again.

Unless I am doing something

4th September 2011

Unless I am doing something very wrong, which I doubt, there aren't 400 images on this disk, what is on it is okay but not worth what is supposed to cost.  Bought magazine especially for the cdrom.  Not worth €7.00 something that it costed. 


Snow Much Fun CD

3rd September 2011

Would just like to say how disappointed I am with this free gift!  It does not load properly (I have only just seen the above tips) plus when I did eventually get it to load I was disappointed with the content. I can only say I am glad I hadn't paid for it or I would have been asking for a refund!

Snow Much Fun CD

4th September 2011
Super Stomper

I think the images are qute nice, but I agree that I certainly wouldn't have paid £9.99 for it. There are about the same number of images that you would get on a Crafters Companion CD (but without the option to 'colourise' which I can't seem to get right anyway!)

But I don't make big cards - I make A6 cards which I sell for Charity at £1 each. So I need to be able to resize the images. This means having them as either JPGs/PNGs that I can insert into a Word document or import into MCS or, alternatively PDFs so that I can print off more than 1 copy per page.


Not sure if I can do that with this CD as I can't see any actual image content on the disc. Can anyone help with that please?


16th September 2011

  I had no problem using the disc, both opening the elements or printing them.  It's a great free gift with lots of great images and inspiration. I dont know how people can complain it was free and if you dont like it you still get a great magazine. So I want to say thankyou xx

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