Beatrix Potter box frame card

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Issue 1 - Make Christmas Cards

Show off your card making skills when you make this beautiful Beatrix Potter box frame card. Full instructions can be found in the NEW issue of Make Christmas Cards with Crafter's Companion bumper pack, on sale in major newsagents - £7.99.

Click on the PDF below to download the papers to make the card.


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BP card.

8th December 2011

Love the card my 71 year old auntie love bp so would be a great card to give her.

is there anyway I  can get the instructions to make it?

What is the best paper to use for printing this on? 

great  website.

my email is if you can help.

much appreciated.


Beatrix Potter Box frame card

13th October 2011


Thanx for all the wonderful downloads! They are just gorgeous! I would love to make this frame card but I don't know how to get hold of the instructions here in Canada. Is there anyway you could add them to this download? I would truly appreciate it if you could or let me know where I could get them.

Beatrix Potter frame card

21st May 2011

I made this card last Christmas, but couldn't source the magazine, however it was fairly easy to make, my grandson loved it so he acquired it to give to his Mum!!



re Beatrix Potter card

12th May 2011

I have downloaded the pages but where can I either buy the magazine with the instructions or obtain the instructions.  I live in the us.  


Beatrix Potter frame card papers

1st April 2011

 Absolutely gorgeous - thank you so much


13th February 2011

thanks this is a great card


30th December 2010

Would love to make this card how do I get a get the back issue of the magazine that instructions came in please thank you


6th January 2011

Hi, I'm trying to locate a back issue magazine that had chipboard christmas words and shapes as a free gift.   Would this still be available to purchase please?


Many thanks

Make Christmas Cards /Crafters Companion

27th November 2010

I live in the United States, Indianapols, In and I just love love your magazines.  I was wondering if you can tells us who are across the pond where to get  Make Christmas Cards at?  I've looked at our Joanns stores where I get Quick Cards and Cardmaking and Papercraft but have had no luck.  Thanks

Beatrice Potter

22nd November 2010

I love this one, I like in Kansas in the US, love making card, etc, and my grandchildren will be very happy with this.

B P card

24th November 2010

 I wish I could help you but have no idea but maybe you can help me, I just received my first issue of Quick Cards made easy. From there I logged on to cardmakinfandpapercraft and found the BP christmas carddownload.But I know nothing about the making of the card. Do you have the information and Oct. issue of the magazine? If so, are you willing to share?

I was born in Kansas, ElDorado, 79 years ago but now live in Oregon.I will add my email address but don't know if thats permissable so it might not end up getting to you.

hi is there any more bp

12th November 2010

hi is there any more bp christmas cards downloads

how do you make the box you

12th November 2010

how do you make the box you put bp in great card


Beatrix Potter download

11th November 2010
mary bloomfield

Thank you very much, I have the full series but not this particular one, it is lovely thank you once again.

All papers and cards

5th November 2010

I live in the states also, and just love your magazine and all the ideas and papers and cards are terrific. Keep up the good work. I look forward the my magazine every month, so exciting to see what is new and whats being done new over in the UK.

This works too.....

31st October 2010

 I had no problem downloading the lovely Beatrix Potter Winter scene; which also went together very simply..... but, a variation on how to "display" it. Turn the "box" into a beautiful "easel" card; I reinforced my base card stock to give the extra bit of support that I felt it might need; and am very pleased with the result. Also for an extra bit of chill outline the trees with a trace of wintry glitter......... for the background trees I chose a toning "distress" glitter, so they remain in the background. Enjoy.....

christmas card making kit

31st October 2010
kattrrinna (not verified)

i live in the States and saw this advertised in one of the other UK mags that  i anticipate the arrival of here. After going to the bookstore every few days, I was so excited to see that it had arrived; I grabbed it and RAN! It is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to download these papers so that I can complete this card!!! 

problems downloading

15th October 2010

You might also make sure that the download is going to the right folder. Do a search on your computer for the file, you may find that you need to amend the download folder you are using. This is a really simple process, just two clicks of the mouse. When you start to download, you get a pop up on your screen, select 'desktop' or the name of the folder you wish to download your papers to, and then confirm. From now on, all your downloads will go to this folder.

Beatrix Potter frame card papers

7th October 2010


I download B/P paper like it said , by clicking on the PDF and it has not come any where on my computer. I really would love this paper as my New God Daughter is one year old at christmas, so any help would be greatly received

                                                Thank You 

Problems with downloads

14th October 2010

Hi Delius

I do not know how fast your computer is but if it is quite old it does take time for it to appear on the page. The other problem may be that you do not have Adobe Reader, at present it is version 9. this can be downloaded from their site.

Hope this information helps

xmas magazine

2nd October 2010

So very pleased and happy great issue, didnt think could afford it alongside this months mag, but thanks to a small win on lottery i got my wish , great ideas and inspiration

Beatrix Potter box card

1st October 2010

Thank you so much for this download living in western australia do not have the same access to these ideas .I have ordered the magazine & cannot wait to make the card .Thanks Jenny

Winter Tales

29th September 2010

I have bought your new christmas magazine and wanted the free Beatrix Potter download to go with it.  Great magazine.


Beatrix Potter Card

23rd August 2011

Hi If you could email me the intructions for this card it would be appreciated  I thank you advance


frame card

28th September 2010
fantastic download got wait to start making this card

Winters Tale

24th September 2010
mary bloomfield

Thank you for this lovely card, I have ordered the pack and CD.



 Thank you, what a gorgeous

24th September 2010

 Thank you, what a gorgeous card to make. Love BP.


23rd September 2010
joan bagshaw




thank you for the download from a winters tale beatrix potter sara .I have ordered the  , this month's special from ideal world and so loved the craft day wed .looking forward to the next one  .

Beatrix Potter box frame card

23rd September 2010

like a dream for us living far away ,who are not lucky to purchase such a nice thing shown in your magazine,


Beatrix Potter card

23rd September 2010
r bowry
I can't wait to make this great card.
I love the design and thank you for making it a download for us

Fame card

21st September 2010
Karen Austin

Love the download for Beatrix Potter frame card

Beatrix Potter Papers

20th September 2010

This box frame card looks fab! Thanks! ;D

Beatrix Potter box frame card

16th September 2010

 !!! Wow !!! Love this paper and a box card is different,I'm going to enjoy making my Christmas cards from this download.I bought Making Christmas Cards special  Today and can't wait to start using the fantastic  papers,stamps and embossing board from that too.Oh joy I'm going to be very busy having fun with all these wonderful thing Thank you cardmaking and papercraft And Crafters Companion.

This looks fabulous!! Can't

15th September 2010

This looks fabulous!!

Can't wait to play!



Cardmaking Papers

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